Month: November 2012

Planning the roadmap for research and innovation

After a full day workshop at Lindholmen we have decided to continue the iterative research process. The goal will be to focus on existing lean methodologies with superior data management as offered by e.g. a version control system.

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A software architecture for custom everything

The Pulse board at Dentsply is our fifth virtual Pulse in 6 months. They have all had different features. This is a research project and we need to be able to vary our solutions. This is a stark contrast to

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Installation at Dentsply

Today we celebrate the first installation of a digital pulse board at dentsply. Timo made the first successfull trial on the 40″  touch screen by adding a couple of deviations with appropriate comments.

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Working some more with the code

A visit from CTK to check the code!

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Mockup of Digital Pulse Board

First prototype of Electroinc pulse board on touch screen!

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