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New research article on Visual Management presented

A new paper on visual management has been published as a research result in the Digilean project: Introduction to the paper: As products become more complex and the competition increases, the development of new products has become more important to

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Las Vegas, Seattle, Gislaved

What does the cities have in common? Exhibitions containing digital visual planning. Our visual management solutions was presented for the hungry audience at Automation Småland  

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Master Thesis presentation – How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed?

A master thesis work conducted by Josefin Bertilsson and Gunilla Wentzel has been presented with the focus to answer on the research question: How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed? In the work have they looked into what

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Knowledge is Power

The importance of knowledge is a key to organizational success. Especially when it comes to continuously learning and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Why then are so few organizations effective at reusing knowledge? A mindset at

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Skunk works – First Pilot on mobile interface

Yolean ( will evaluate the need for editing and updating VP boards by mobile interface. The first prototype works for adding notes to boards, after pairing a device with the meeting room board.

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Testing Smartboards at Netsmart

Today we tested SmartBoards at Netsmart ( in Stockholm. The visual planning software runs extremely well on the new 4K screens. The best hardware we have tested so far. Both 55″ and 85″ smartboards are available in 4K resolutions. 4K

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Lean + Systems Engineering at Scania

Read more about the event at And Incose Swedens website:

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Yolean to graduate from the Chalmers Innovation StartupCamp

Yolean, the Repos and Vis-IT spun of startup is graduating from CI startupcamp. Yolean is one of the few companies that has gone from zero to revenue during the startup camps 10 weeks. Read more about Stena innovation and demo

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Master Thesis presentation on Knowledge Managemetn at Kongsberg Automotive

A master thisis work conducted by Henrik Mathiesen has been presented at HBV (NISE) The work has been published as a conference paper at CSER 2015:    

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Pilot on Toyota Material Handling Launched

The first pilot on Toyota Material Handling has now been launched focusing om check-sheets as a carrier for knowledge management. The prototype is only focused on managing checklists for a small group within the engine/drive-train group. Work is continuing on

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