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Plan like the Yolean Racing Team

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Seminar on Visual Management at ITM in Mölndal

Great seminar on Visual Management with presenters from Chalmers, Volvo Cars and AB Volvo and over 50 participants from industry. Look out for a new edition this fall focusing on Knowledge Management. Read more about meeting solutions for digital Visual

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Improving meeting efficiency at Volvo Cars Customer Service

Volvo Car Customer Service are increasing their usage of Yolean Visual Planning within the customer service organization. The software developed as a spin-off from the Vis-IT research project is now utilized to plan and improve activities and services throughout the

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Vis-IT Master Thesis nominated to “Lilla Polhemspriset”

One of two Master Thesis from Chalmers to be nominated to Lilla polhemspriset 2016 is “Visual Planning; Coordination and collaboration of Multi-site teams in Product Development organisations” by Josefin Bertilsson och Gunilla Wentzel. The master thesis has been a part

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Digital Meetings at Rejmes Continues

Two smart boards and Yolean Visual Planning to help managing the strategic breakdown and follow up.

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Collaboration with the EU project Virtual Obeya at EPFL! For more information about: Industrial Networking & Learning Forum click here ( Virtual Obeya click here (

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Visual Planning – An extensive report published on use of (digital) visual planning in multinational companies

When products are becoming more complex and their life – cycles become shorter it sets higher demands on product development within companies. Also, it is becoming more common for companies to have multi-site projects where team members are divided between

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Actionable knowledge and engineering checksheets

What is “actionable knowledge” and how can you practically manage it? In the Vis-IT project we set out to investigate this and ended up developing a method we call engineering checksheets to capture and manage actionable knowledge. This method is a

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Knowledge is Power

The importance of knowledge is a key to organizational success. Especially when it comes to continuously learning and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Why then are so few organizations effective at reusing knowledge? A mindset at

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Capturing actionable knowledge

Whitepaper briefly describing the why and how we developed a method for capturing actionable knowledge in the format of checksheets. The objective of the method is to minimize the time and resource investment needed to achieve a first level of

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