Master Thesis presentation – How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed?

A master thesis work conducted by Josefin Bertilsson and Gunilla Wentzel has been presented with the focus to answer on the research question: How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed?

In the work have they looked into what makes team to succeed, how can visual planning support this and finally what type of technical solution is needed to be successful?

To answer these questions one company has been used as a case company which allowed testing and implementation in ongoing projects while eight other worked as reference companies. The companies are Emerson (case), Assa Abloy, Autoliv, Ericsson, Rejmes Car, Scania, UniCarriers (Atlet), Volvo Cars and Toyota Material Handling.

Interesting discussions are for example:

•          What happens when you dedicate a “speakers corner” for the one that talks during the multi-site visual planning meetings?

•          What can a team do to increase the awareness to the meeting when the team is distributed?

•          What is a good level of structure in the digital tool for visual planning – how much should be able for the user/company to change concerning the interface of the digital tool?


We are now waiting with excitement for their publication that will be out late this month.

Visual Planning Multisite Distributed teams YoleanVisual Planning Multisite Distributed teams


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