Here is a list of publications relating to project visit:


Vis-IT whitepaper – Untested Assumptions

Vis-IT whitepaper – Daily management through digital visual planning

Vis-IT whitepaper – Capturing actionable knowledge: when less IS more

Vis-IT whitepaper – Increase the value by supporting the user and the knowledge management life cycle

Vis-IT whitepaper – How to identify and capture actionable knowledge that can be reused immediately

State of Art Paper: Describing the research front in Knowledge Management and Lean Product Development


Scientific Peer-reviewed Articles:


Digitalization Challenges for Lean Visual Planning in distributed product development teams

Knowledge Based Development in Automotive Industry guided by Lean Enablers for System Engineering

Knowledge Management Life Cycle: An Individual’s Perspective

Towards global deviation management in product development using pulse methodology: A case study

Exploring the possibilities of using image recognition technology to create a hybrid lean system for pulse methodology

Future Alternatives for Automotive Configuration Management

Master Theses: