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Improving meeting efficiency at Volvo Cars Customer Service

Volvo Car Customer Service are increasing their usage of Yolean Visual Planning within the customer service organization. The software developed as a spin-off from the Vis-IT research project is now utilized to plan and improve activities and services throughout the

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Vis-IT Master Thesis nominated to “Lilla Polhemspriset”

One of two Master Thesis from Chalmers to be nominated to Lilla polhemspriset 2016 is “Visual Planning; Coordination and collaboration of Multi-site teams in Product Development organisations” by Josefin Bertilsson och Gunilla Wentzel. The master thesis has been a part

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Digital Meetings at Rejmes Continues

Two smart boards and Yolean Visual Planning to help managing the strategic breakdown and follow up.

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Visual Planning – An extensive report published on use of (digital) visual planning in multinational companies

When products are becoming more complex and their life – cycles become shorter it sets higher demands on product development within companies. Also, it is becoming more common for companies to have multi-site projects where team members are divided between

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Master Thesis presentation – How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed?

A master thesis work conducted by Josefin Bertilsson and Gunilla Wentzel has been presented with the focus to answer on the research question: How can visual planning help multi-site teams to succeed? In the work have they looked into what

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Vis-IT whitepaper on daily management through digital visual planning

Many product development companies rely on production and development in a multitude of sites around the globe. However, this globalization has a cost where cultural barriers, communication barriers, and time zone barriers actually hinders development and leads to miscommunication, delays,

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Supporting the organization by building software that the users wants

Read The full paper here: Visit whitepaper-untested assumptions In an engineering organization there is normally not a lack of ideas. What if we make the button yellow instead of orange? Why can’t we use drag and drop between the mail

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Skunk works – First Pilot on mobile interface

Yolean (www.yolean.com) will evaluate the need for editing and updating VP boards by mobile interface. The first prototype works for adding notes to boards, after pairing a device with the meeting room board.

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Lean in a Digital Age

Yolean, Spotify and Daniel T Jones in collaboration with Plan and Lean Competence was in place in Stockholm at the conference day Lean in a Digital Age. Briefly about Yoleans presentation Visual planing are central in all work that build

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Vis-IT present at the INCOSE IS in Henderson

Vis-IT presented the Visual Planning software at the IS 2014 in Henderson, Nevada. A 20″ touch screen was used to simulate a real planning scenario where people could touch and try the new software. Inputs will be used to further

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